In 1976 Mr Edmund Echtner worked for an enterprise specialized in deodorization via chemical scrubbers in Bibesheim (Germany).

As consequence of a request of the federal environmental bureau he started an investigation project with the purpose to find a system that solved the odour problems from the Berlin sewage. Even there existed already several other solutions in the market the object was to make with a treatment that offered a maximum respect to the environment and was ecologically sustainable.

The finally selected solution was the biological deodorization. The technology was sold in Germany since 1985 and perfected by Mr. Edmund Echtner until reaching the present biodesodor system made by Pro-Eco Ambiente. Since 1996 Pro-Eco Ambiente offers in Spain biodesodor-solutions to odour problems. At the moment the system is backed by more than 25 years of experience in international markets and more than 450 larger installations and over 10.000 smaller filters working in whole Europe.


The system permits the elimination of unpleasant or irritating smells from located sources. Biofilters are complex biological catalysts working as bioreactors. In the biofilters of the biodesodor system the odorous and irritant substances present in the contaminated airflow are destroyed in the metabolism of certain micro-organisms transforming them into non hazardous products as water or carbon dioxide that are neither toxic nor smelly.